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It has become apparent that there is little chance in the near future for live music to become feasible again, so I've decided to hang up my Rock n' Roll shoes. I will still continue to write songs and record, but it's become far too dangerous for me, being type 1 diabetic, to think about live work. Once this pandemic has cleared, I may weel be tempted once again by the roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowd. Let's hope for better news soon.

I have overhauled the 'Song' pages and changed the 'Play' mechanism to one that is totally supported by the html5 protocol. If the song links don't work as they should, please don't worry. I'll test and check as I go along, but I may well miss things that an efficient web-master should cover. Being my own webmaster, I own up to the songs not being played on the Song Pages. I managed to point the links to the wrong folder. I'm hoping that I've rectified this error now.

Because of facebook and other social media, I've also managed to find some photos and other memorabilia that I'll post. If I've breached anyone's copyright, please let me know and I'll remove the offending post.

I have decided to play a final performance in Southend at a venue close to where I grew up. .

Those of you in the vicinity of Southend might care to drop by - I'll be playing on SUNDAY 7th NOVEMBER at 3pm, accompanied by my good friends Bob Clouter, Andy Farrell and Vic Collins, together with a few more guests.

Thank you for your understanding. Please feel free to contact me in the usual ways.