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This is a web site which features the songs and music of Graeme Douglas, a member of both Eddie & the Hot Rods and the Kursaal Flyers when both bands were at their most popular between 1974 - 1980. There were also some side adventures with the Engineers and the Hot Flyers. See the History pages for more information and photos of all my musical adventures.

This is a more useable version of the web-site - it can be viewed on all sizes of screen. I did this because those of you who scan sites using a mobile phone are not disadvantaged by problems with navigating or of seeing the photographs accompanying the text.

Because of facebook and other social media, I've also managed to find some photos and other memorabilia that I'll post. If I've breached anyone's copyright, please let me know and I'll remove the offending post.

I have overhauled the 'Song' pages and changed the 'Play' mechanism to one that is totally supported by the html5 protocol. If the song links don't work as they should, please don't worry. I'll test and check as I go along, but I may well miss things that an efficient web-master should cover. Being my own webmaster, I own up to the songs not being played on the Song Pages. I managed to point the links to the wrong folder. I'm hoping that I've rectified this error now.

I've also cut down on some of the video pages. These videos are the most recent ones on my YouTube page and can be shown here because I've finally figured out how to use html5.